Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Book of Poems

Book Cover_small

What began with a few clumsy attempts at rhyme and amateurish versification of words, took shape with the desire to explore the nuances of language from the works of masters, and flourished with the sustained quest for understanding the rules and techniques of the art, has finally found fruition in the form of a book. The ‘Urge to Fly’ has expressed itself.

After some deliberation, I went the self-publishing route to publish my collection of poems - Khwaahish-e-Parwaaz. It took me roughly one month from the time I decided to get my poems published till the book was finally available for public. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire process, which included (apart from the routine work of formatting, proofing, etc.) some significant re-writing and a choice of a takhallus (pen-name). Once I had decided to opt for a takhallus (something I hadn’t seriously considered at all so far), the choice of an apt one came in a matter of minutes. I finally decided to call myself Naaqid (critic).

So now, my book is available for buying for those interested at the following places:

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  2. US (Createspace eStore) :
  3. Amazon US:
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